Have you ever wondered what it really means to be Methodist? Thought to yourself, “Wesley who?” Wondered how, with everything else you’ve got to do, you’re supposed to be a disciple? Maybe you’re like me and your first thought after you accepted Christ was, “Now what do I do?”

Starting Sunday, June 3, we’ll be introducing a new Sunday School class called Way Finders. Way Finders will focus on learning more about the church. Together, we’ll take “The Wesley Challenge”, followed by learning about “Living Our UMC Beliefs”, and then discover what it means to be “Gladhearted Disciples”.

This class is ideal for anyone interested in or new to the Methodist Church or Christian faith, or for anyone wanting to refresh or increase their understanding of the church. Way Finders is open to adults, young adults and youth alike, and will meet during the regular Sunday School time after Sunday Worship.

For more information or to sign-up for the class, leave a message for Valerie Ohle at 865-573-4731.